With the new agreement, Coca-Cola will be able to use Microsoft Cloud cloud services, Azure and productive artificial intelligence systems. In recent years, the beverage giant has been collaborating with Microsoft to carry out a technological transformation in its own organization. The company's strategic and global policies are also shaped according to this transformation. 

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As part of the agreement, the two companies will work together for next-generation technologies. Productive artificial intelligence technologies such as Azure OpenAI service will be used in different tasks at Coca-Cola. Copilot for Microsoft 365 will also be evaluated for its potential benefits. 

Coca-Cola had previously migrated all its applications to Microsoft Azure. Following the company, many of its independent bottling partners have also adopted this approach. Coca-Cola has long been a prolific AI user and is known to use the technology in areas such as marketing, production and supply chain. 

The two companies are now testing how they can benefit from digital assistants with productive AI skills. Azure OpenAI Services is expected to support the company's employees in areas such as improving customer experience, supporting innovations, gaining competitive advantage, increasing production and developing new business projects. 

It is not known how much of the 1.1 billion dollars in the agreement will be paid for artificial intelligence services. The beverage giant also receives services from Microsoft for systems such as Office 365 and Azure. Microsoft has not yet announced the details of the deal.

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