In a bid to modernize Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is rapidly changing the country's landscape.

From launching futuristic projects such as the Neom project to organizing the first swimwear fashion show, the kingdom has come a long way.

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Ekran Alıntısı-11Saudi Arabia held its first swimsuit show on Friday, featuring the work of Moroccan designer Yasmina Kanzal.

Kanzal's collection featured mostly one-piece suits in shades of red, beige and blue. The choice of color and design was an attempt to showcase the culture and history of the Arab world.

"It is true that this country is very conservative, but we tried to show stylish swimwear that represents the Arab world. It is an honor to be involved in such a historic moment," Kanzal said.

The facility is being pointed to as part of the Red Sea Global projects at the center of Salman's Vision 2030.

In October 2024, Saudi Arabia will also host the official fashion week, Riyadh Fashion Week, showcasing designs that combine tradition and innovation.

Editor: John Wickey