Cold weather can dry out your skin. Therefore, it is important to use moisturizers regularly. Moisturizers play an important role in moisturizing and protecting your skin. Make sure to use moisturizer at least twice a day, morning and evening. When choosing a moisturizer, try to choose one that suits your skin's needs.


In cold weather, the level of moisture in the air drops. This can dry out your skin and cause irritation. In addition to using humidifiers to increase the moisture level, you can consider using moisturizing devices or moisturizing herbs.

In cold weather you can still be affected by the sun's harmful UV rays. Therefore, it is important to continue using sunscreen. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily and wear clothes that protect your skin from UV rays.


There is a close relationship between internal and external skin health. Nutrition is important for healthy skin. One way to protect your skin in cold weather is to eat the right foods. Including foods containing vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants in your diet protects your skin and keeps it healthy.