It was announced that Defense Minister Lloyd Austin was discharged from the hospital where he was treated for cancer today.  

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) made a statement regarding the health status of Minister Austin, who was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Hospital on January 1. 

In the statement, it was stated that Minister Austin, who was hospitalized due to complications related to prostate cancer, was discharged. It was noted that Secretary Austin will follow his work remotely before returning to full-time duty.

The Ministry of Defense shared the information that Austin was hospitalized on December 22, 2023 and discharged the next day after undergoing an operation with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, but was subsequently hospitalized again on January 1 due to complications.

Austin's hospitalization and the lack of necessary information to senior officials, including the White House, and the public in the following process drew reaction, and the US House of Representatives Armed Services Commission announced that it had launched an official investigation into the "secret" hospitalization of the Minister of Defense.