Officials said part of the crane came loose while crews were in the process of raising its height. Footage from the scene shows the massive metal structure falling onto a car crossing the bridge, crushing its front end. The construction worker who fell with the crane section lost his life.

Severe thunderstorm in Houston has turned life upside down! Severe thunderstorm in Houston has turned life upside down!

Two of the injured were hospitalized, while three others were treated at the scene. Authorities have not released the names of the victims, including the deceased construction worker. 

One driver said his car was damaged by part of the falling crane. "I was driving and I felt a pressure, I looked up and saw a blue structure coming down and I hit the brakes. I'm very lucky to be alive," Mark Cerezie told NBC 6. 

Authorities said they do not yet know what caused the crane part to fall and have closed the bridge over the street indefinitely while they investigate the scene.

The crane section left a hole in the bridge, while city officials advised motorists to avoid the area until the bridge reopens. The river that runs under the bridge was also closed to traffic.