The 20-year-old mother-to-be was found dead in the bedroom of her home in Örebro, Sweden, on April 28, 2023. The 7-month pregnant woman's unborn child also died in her womb.

Saga's unnamed boyfriend was charged with murder last week. The murder weapon is believed to have been a lamp cord in the bedroom, but prosecutors said the suspect had grown up in a family that believed it was not right to be in a relationship with a "white" woman and that he "needed to be with a woman from the same culture".

The man hid his two-year relationship with Saga because he thought his family would not accept it, they said. 

Prosecutor Elisabeth Anderson said: "Saga's boyfriend killed Saga Forsgren Elneborg by strangling her with pressure, with blows to the windpipe and blood flow. The murder was committed in the context of honor because he wanted to protect or restore his and his family's reputation by killing the woman who was carrying his child."

Previous text messages between Saga and the suspect showed that he had suggested she have an abortion. 

Saga's close circle said she had been shopping for the baby and was very excited, while her devastated mother Nerikes Allehanda said: "She was very happy. She was going to move into a new apartment and start her life as a mother."

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The suspect is expected to appear in court on April 10 and the trial is expected to last 15 days.