Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has canceled his public duties and announced he is considering resigning after a court opened an investigation into corruption allegations against his wife.

In a written statement, the Spanish leader said he had to decide urgently whether to "continue leading the government or reject this honor."


Pedro Sanchez, who has governed Spain since 2018, said that the "seriousness of the political attacks" he and his wife Begona Gomez have suffered together has led him to reconsider his position and that he will announce his decision on Monday.

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In a lengthy statement on platform X, Sanchez complained of a "strategy of harassment" that for months has targeted his wife in an attempt to weaken him politically and personally. He added that his opponents had launched a baseless "operation of harassment and bullying by land, air and sea" with the aim of "attacking his wife and bringing her to personal and political ruin".


The prime minister also said that recent developments had forced him to reflect on his plans to leave office, saying, "Now that we have reached this point, I quite legitimately ask myself: 'Is all this worth it?

The website El Confidencial reported that the investigation will examine Gomez's links to companies that received public money and contracts.


The investigation is particularly focusing on a "sponsorship deal" between the tourism group Globalia and the foundation it managed in 2020, the IE Africa Center. Globalia received 475 million euros from the state for the rescue of the airline Air Europa during the Covid 19 crisis.

As Spain's right-wing People's Party (PP) demanded explanations in parliament, the Prime Minister said he believed in justice "despite everything".