One of the most dangerous aspects of this hatred is that many anti-Islamic people have never read the Quran in their lives. They only know Islam and Muslims through distorted information and biased comments on social media. This creates a "comfort zone of hate".

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Being an Islamophobe without reading the Quran

The Holy Quran is the fundamental source of Islam. This holy book emphasizes universal values such as peace, love, compassion and tolerance. Reading and understanding the Holy Quran is essential for understanding Islam and Muslims.

But many anti-Islamic people comment on Islam and engage in hate speech without reading and understanding the Holy Quran. This shows not only ignorance but also malicious intent.

Responsibility of Social Media

Social media platforms should take more responsibility for combating hate and prejudicial content. They should take more effective steps to block content that promotes Islamophobia and other forms of hatred.

The Duty of Muslims

Muslims have an important role to play in this regard. They should make more efforts to explain the message of the Holy Quran and the true values of Islam to the society. They should also use social media platforms effectively for this purpose.

In conclusion, Islamophobia on social media is a threat not only to Muslims but to the whole society. We all have a duty to combat this hatred.