Prof. Dr. Ali Mark stated that the factors that can harm people's eyes have increased with the developing technology.

Stating that it is impossible to keep children away from developing technology, Evereklioğlu stated that the eye moves more to see small objects on the phone and contraction occurs.

Mark pointed out that using the phone for a long time, especially for games, can lead to rapid progression of myopia and said, "In 2023, in such an age, we cannot tell any child not to play with a tablet or look at a computer. When you do this, this time there may be psychological problems that arise when the child falls behind in technology. We cannot reset this, but we can limit the hours of this. In other words, we can say that playing games on cell phones is forbidden. A cell phone, as the name suggests, is made for making phone calls. It is not for playing games there, but since tablet computers have a slightly larger screen, we can say that you can play 1-2 hours a day, but not 10 hours."

Mark emphasized that it is also important to participate in social activities for eye health and said, "It has been observed that the development of myopia is slower and its progression slows down in those who ride bicycles, play football and basketball for at least 2 hours a day."

Pointing out that it is also wrong to sit at home and study all the time in middle school, primary school and high school, Mark said, "It is beneficial to do social activities for at least 2 hours a day. This can be taekwondo, karate, hiking and soccer. We need to direct our children to these. Looking at close range and studying in a dark environment also accelerates myopia. In other words, the development and progression of myopia slows down a little in a child who studies by taking advantage of sunlight."

Stating that they expect a significant increase in the number of myopia patients in the world, Mark said, "It is calculated that 50 percent of the world will be myopic in 2050. It is a very serious figure. In other words, one out of every 2 people will walk around with glasses on the street, unless they have a laser. These have become classical information published in the most prestigious journals of Europe, America and the Far East and appeared on the covers."