US President Biden addressed the 78th UN General Assembly in New York. In his speech, Biden argued that the US aims for a safer, prosperous and equitable world for all people.

Biden said, "Because we know that our future depends on yours. Let me repeat once again, we know that our future depends on yours, and no nation can meet the challenges of our time alone."

Pointing to the importance of international institutions, Biden emphasized that these institutions need to be updated in order to cope with current challenges.


Biden reminded that in his speech at the UN General Assembly last year, the US announced that it would support the expansion of the UNSC by increasing the number of permanent and non-permanent members.

In this context, Biden said that his country has conducted serious consultations for the reform of the UNSC and will continue to do its part for reform.

"We need to be able to break through the gridlock that often prevents progress and consensus in the Council. We need more voices at the table, more perspectives. The UN must continue to keep the peace, prevent conflict and alleviate human suffering."


Noting that Israel's normalization of relations and economic ties with countries in the region have yielded positive results, Biden said, "This is part of our efforts to build a more integrated and sustainable Middle East."

"The United States will continue to support a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, with the goal of 'two states for two peoples'," Biden said.


Drawing attention to the situation in Haiti, Biden stated that Caribbean countries are working to facilitate dialogue among the Haitian community.

Thanking Kenyan President William Ruto for his willingness to serve to spearhead a UN-backed security support mission, Biden said, "I call on the Security Council to immediately authorize this mission. The people of Haiti cannot wait any longer."