As the race between Biden and Trump heats up for the 60th presidential elections in the country, the first statements regarding the live broadcast debates that the public is curious about came.

Accordingly, Biden and Trump will share their trump cards on CNN channel on June 27 and on ABC channel on September 10 and will convey their messages to voters in two live broadcast programs before the presidential elections.

US President Biden, in a post on his X account, stated that he accepted the invitation he received from CNN to face Trump live on June 27.

Biden, who also shared a video on the subject, gave the message that he is ready to face Trump at any time and place, and argued that he won both of their live debates in 2020.

On the other hand, Trump, in a statement on the social networking platform called ruth Social, stated that he agreed to face Biden on live broadcast twice in June and September.


Trump said, "I propose more than two debates for the sake of excitement, and let's do them in a large space, even though Biden is afraid of crowds. Just tell me the time, I will be there. Let's be ready to make noise."

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