Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico was attacked with an armed attack after the Council of Ministers meeting at the House of Culture in the town of Handlova in the Trencin region of the country.

Fico, who served 3 terms as Prime Minister of Slovakia, was wounded in the abdomen and was transferred to a nearby hospital.  The attacker was captured by police after firing several shots.

After the attack, Fico, who was wounded in the abdomen, was taken to a hospital in the town of Handlova and was conscious at the time.


Fico was transferred to a higher-level facility after his treatment at Handlova Hospital. It was learned that Fico, who was in life-threatening condition, was transferred to Banska Bystrica Hospital by helicopter. In the statement made on Fico's official social media account, the following statements were made:

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"R. Fico was assassinated today. He was shot several times and is now in life-threatening condition. He is currently being transported by helicopter to Banska Bystrica because it will take too long to reach Bratislava (the capital) due to the urgent need for intervention. His condition will become clearer in the next few hours."


Slovakia's President Zuzana Caputova, Caputova said in a post on her X social media account that she "condemns the attack in the strongest possible terms".

Stating that she was "deeply shocked" by the attack, Caputova said: "I wish him strength and a speedy recovery at this critical moment. My thoughts are also with his family and relatives."


Peter Pellegrini, who won the presidential election in Slovakia on April 7 and will take over the office from Caputova on June 15, reacted to the attack in his X post, saying, "An assassination attempt against one of the highest constitutional officials is an unprecedented threat to Slovak democracy."