Gynecologist and Obstetrician, who primarily defined the subcutaneous implant (rod), one of the most effective birth control methods, said, "It is a comfortable birth control method that is as effective as birth control pills in preventing pregnancy, but does not require taking pills every day. The small, soft, elastic rod placed under the skin and containing hormones prevents pregnancy by releasing regular and small amounts of hormones on a daily basis."

Stating that subcutaneous implants are one of the most effective birth control methods known, the expert said, "It is more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Compared to birth control pills, its effectiveness is similar, but the fact that there is no need to take medication at the same time every day with the subcutaneous implant is a comfort that makes the process stand out."


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Stating that subcutaneous rods are protective against pregnancy for up to 3 years, the expert said, "However, if pregnancy is planned earlier, it can be easily removed and pregnancy can be achieved. So if your plans change, pregnancy is possible immediately. Subcutaneous rods are attached to the inner side of the upper arm. Generally, the side of the hand that is not actively used is preferred. The subcutaneous implant can be easily applied painlessly under clinical conditions. The inner arm is anesthetized with a very fine needle and the implant is placed under the skin with a special device. It can be easily removed in the same way when desired."


Finally, Badoğlu said that the implant can also be used during breastfeeding, "Subcutaneous implants can be safely worn during breastfeeding. There is no harm to the quantity or quality of milk. Birth control pills are not preferred during breastfeeding because they reduce the quality and quantity of milk. Subcutaneous implants are one of the most preferred and recommended methods of contraception during breastfeeding."