Assange has been charged with espionage by the US for his leaks and is currently detained in the UK. His trial is still ongoing and the possibility of his extradition to the US is a cause for concern.

Arguments for Assange's Innocence

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Those who defend Assange's innocence offer many arguments:

Freedom of the press: Assange's actions should be considered as part of freedom of the press. Journalists are obliged to publish information of public interest.
War crimes: The leaked documents reveal US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Assange has contributed to exposing these crimes.
Political persecution: Extraditing Assange to the US would be political persecution. By punishing Assange, the US is trying to intimidate other journalists.
Contradictions of Western Democracy

Assange's case exposes the contradictions of western democracy:

Freedom of expression: Western countries claim to place great importance on freedom of expression. But people like Assange, who publish information that offends the government, face punishment.
Rule of law: Western countries claim to be committed to the rule of law. But Assange's trial has been subject to political interference.

Prohibition of torture: Western countries prohibit torture. But Assange faces the risk of torture and ill-treatment if extradited to the US.