As is well known, America's arms industry is huge. Recently, however, it has come to the fore not only for its high profit margins, but also for its ability to "play political cards". Traders have managed to turn the presidential seat into their own Roulette table. So, how?

First of all, the traders acted like master chess players, playing in the interests of political figures. While the politicians enjoyed their fundraising campaigns, the traders pushed arms sales through the roof. Under Trump, arms sales have become a kind of "political sweetener". Every tweet, every scandal, became like a gold coin that indirectly hit the coffers of the traders.

Eventually, the merchants began to use their Trump cards to shape the country's arms policies. The "one in every home" campaign resonated not only in homes but also in political lobbies. It seems as if arms dealers have started to play their own game in politics.

Perhaps among the new campaigns we will see in the upcoming elections, we may see proposals such as "A tank for every citizen" or "Buy a tank with a limited number of private jets and get a rifle as a gift". Who knows, maybe one day a "Ministry of Arms Traders" will be established in the White House.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing Meta! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing Meta!

In conclusion, America's arms market is like an amusement park, filled not only with weapons, but also with political games. Perhaps one day we will wake up and find a world where it is the people who really run the country, not the blood-saturated merchants. But for now, the arms dealers have taken over the United States and we can only watch this strange comedy.