White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre stated that the accusations that Democratic Senator Bob Menendez used his political position in favor of Qatar after Egypt are "very serious".

At the daily press conference, White House spokesperson Jean-Pierre answered a question about New Jersey Senator Menendez, whose name has recently been on the agenda with corruption charges.

The US spokesperson said that the accusations in the indictment that Menendez, who most recently served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, used his political position for Qatar after Egypt are "very serious" and that they are closely following the issue.

Jean-Pierre stated that it was right for Menendez to resign from the presidency while an investigation was being conducted against him, and said that it was up to the Senate whether Menendez should resign from the senatorial strike.


In a 39-page indictment presented to the New York Southern District Federal Court on September 22, Bob Menendez and his wife Nadine (Arslanian) Menendez were charged with bribery.

In addition to the gold bars and hidden cash found during a search of his home, the indictment also highlighted Menendez's influence on official aid to Egypt, especially during his tenure as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which has a say in military aid to foreign countries in Congress, as well as his relationships with Egyptian-origin businesspeople and companies in New Jersey.

Menendez, who was forced to resign as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the day after the indictment, resisted pressure from his party and the public, stating that he would not resign from his seat in Congress.

The first indictment against Menendez was later expanded with the accusation of using his political position to benefit in favor of Qatar.