The Royal Norwegian Air Force announced that two F-35A fighter jets landed on a highway during an exercise in Finland. It was stated that the F-35A fighter jets landed on the highway in Tervo after the exercise held with Finland's F-18 fighter jets on Thursday, September 21, and were refueled with their engines running. It was emphasized that the F-35A fighter jets landed on a highway for the first time other than a special runway. It was stated that the planes took off again shortly afterwards.

Another type of F-35, the F-35B, which can make vertical landings, had previously landed on the road. The landing of Norway's F-35As on a highway was the first for this version of the F-35 jet, which cannot make vertical landings.


Major General Rolf Folland, Commander of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, said in a statement on the first landing of F-35A fighter jets on a highway, "This is a turning point. Not only for the Norwegian Air Force, but also for the Nordic countries and NATO. This shows our ability to implement the concept of dispersal." Pointing out that fighter jets are vulnerable on runways at military bases in times of war, Folland said, "So being able to use small airports and now highways increases our ability to survive in war. It is also an indication of the exciting development we have started in the Nordic region in terms of military-air cooperation." Recalling that Finland became a NATO member this year, Folland said: "Finland has long been a close partner and now an ally. Its straight and wide highways mean we can further develop our concept of dispersal. The aim of the concept is to make it harder for the enemy to target our aircraft when they are on the ground."

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