Binance, the largest exchange in the crypto market, is monitoring altcoins that do not meet the criteria it has set to maintain trading quality, and decides to terminate trading in the absence of an improvement in standards. Binance also allows altcoins with a watch label to trade during the evaluation process, while investors are given a test when investing in these assets and asked to accept additional terms of use.

5 altcoins at risk of being removed from the platform

Andrew Tate made a statement about Ethereum! Andrew Tate made a statement about Ethereum!

In a recent announcement by Binance, cryptocurrencies EPX, FOR, WNXM, UNFI, and WAVES received a watch tag for not meeting exchange standards. This label means that these assets do not currently meet the exchange's criteria and may be removed from the platform in the near future.

What criteria do crypto assets need to meet?

Cryptocurrencies traded on the world's largest crypto exchange are expected to meet certain standards once they start trading on the platform.

Among these criteria, if the crypto asset is a local asset of a specific project, the developers' commitment to the project, improving or maintaining the project at a certain quality, the trading volume of the asset and liquidity are among the first.

If one or more of these criteria are not met, the crypto asset risks being removed from Binance's trading platform. Among the cryptocurrencies under close monitoring on Binance, EPX was the altcoin that lost the most value today, while WNXM and UNFI remained stable.

Editor: David Goodman