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An Iranian court has sentenced Washington to 420 million dollars in damages to be paid to 14 affected citizens in a case related to the failed "Operation Eagle Claw" organized by the United States in 1980 to rescue hostages in Iran.

According to Iranian state television, Tehran's International Relations Law Court ruled that the US government should pay financial, moral and punitive damages in the lawsuit filed by the victims of the US operation.

Accordingly, Washington was sentenced to 420 million dollars in compensation to be paid to 13 survivors of the US military operation on Iranian territory in 1980 and one person who was taken hostage by American forces during the operation.

The United States launched an operation in April 1980 to rescue diplomats taken hostage in the Tehran embassy following the February 1979 revolution in Iran.

The operation, dubbed "Eagle's Claw", failed due to a sandstorm in the Tebes Desert in Iran and successive technical problems faced by US forces. A C-130 Hercules plane and a helicopter exploded due to an accident during refueling, killing 8 US soldiers.