Three young people who were waiting for rescue by writing "Help" in the sand after being stranded in the Pink Lake area in Gregory, Western Australia, were rescued. The young people who wrote "help" in the sand were stranded on the beach for a total of six hours.

Three pilots passing through the area yesterday afternoon saw the message and alerted the authorities. Police authorities were dispatched to the area to determine the nature of the emergency.

About half an hour later, a second report was received that a person on another plane had seen the same rescue message.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority assisted with rescue efforts using the Perth-based Challenger jet in the area.

The jet flew over the area and spotted a vehicle stranded but undamaged. The GPS coordinates of the stranded vehicle were given to police teams en route to the area.

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The three teenagers escaped unhurt and were handed over to family and friends after being rescued by police officers.

Editor: John Wickey