Flooding in New York! State of emergency declared! Flooding in New York! State of emergency declared!

Authorities said the wreckage of the F-35 was found in the rural Williamsburg area northeast of Charleston Air Force Base.

The pilot, whose name was not released, landed in North Charleston after parachuting safely.
When the pilot parachuted, the aircraft was put into autoflight, and its deactivated transponder and stealth technology prevented radar tracking.


In the statement made by the US military, the accident was called a "mishap", no details were given.

An investigation was launched into the crash of the F-35 aircraft, which cost about 80 million dollars.

It was announced that another F-35 pilot returned safely to Charleston Base.

The two F-35s were in a squadron in the city of Beaufort, near the Atlantic Ocean coast.

Authorities had asked the public for help in locating the missing aircraft in their posts on the internet yesterday.

"If you have any information that can help our rescue teams locate the F-35, please call the Base Defense Operations Center," the post on the Charleston Base's social media platform said.