According to Dutch media, maggots began pouring out of the overhead locker in the economy class passenger compartment on the plane, which took off from Amsterdam for Detroit on Tuesday morning.

A passenger told the Dutch news agency ANP that about ten maggots fell on the woman sitting next to him.

Other passengers panicked when they saw the woman cleaning the maggots with a piece of paper.

The passengers called the cabin crew and explained the situation. According to the Dutch passenger, maggots started to fall on the passengers when the cabin crew opened the lid of the baggage compartment.

It was determined that the maggots fell from a suitcase in the overhead locker. The suitcase was found to contain rotten fish.

Upon the warning of the cabin crew, the plane returned to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam about an hour after take-off.

Cabin attendants wrapped the bag containing rotten fish in plastic foil and took it outside for disposal.

The owner of the bag that caused the plane to turn back was also identified and this passenger was taken to a different location. It was not immediately clear whether the passenger was allowed to fly again.

The plane was also taken out of service for the necessary cleaning.

Speaking to the UK newspaper The Independent, Delta Airlines officials apologized for the incident.

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According to the airline, passengers were transferred to the next flight, stating that the journey of Flight 133 was interrupted "due to improperly packed hand luggage".

According to social media posts by witnesses to the incident, the airline reimbursed the passengers for 8,000 air miles, hotel room accommodations and a $30 meal.