Spain is canceling its golden visa program! Spain is canceling its golden visa program!

In a post on social media platform X, Cohen said, "I will not meet with the UN Secretary-General. After October 7, there is no such thing as a balanced approach. Hamas must be wiped off the face of the earth."

In his speech at the high-level Israeli-Palestinian session held at the UN Security Council, UN Secretary-General Guterres condemned the attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel on October 7 and continued his words as follows:

"But we must also recognize that Hamas attacks do not come out of nowhere. The Palestinian people have been subjected to a suffocating occupation for 56 years. They have witnessed violence and the gradual takeover of their land by settlements.

Their economy has been destroyed, their people displaced and their homes razed to the ground. Their faith in a political solution has begun to erode."

Guterres emphasized that Hamas attacks on Israelis "cannot justify collective punishment of the Palestinian people" and said, "Even wars have rules."