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Pope Francis allegedly told priests at a meeting at the Vatican, "Gossip is a woman's job."

 According to "Il Silere Non Possum", which produces Vatican-sourced news, the Pope, who gave advice to priests at a meeting he attended on Wednesday, said, "Gossip is a woman's thing. We (men) wear pants." He asked them to speak openly to people's faces.

While the Vatican did not respond to requests for comment, Marco Perfetti, director of "Il Silere Non Possum", said they have the audio recording:

"We have a recording of the Pope saying this."

Pope Francis (87), the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, has recently spoken out against homosexuals studying for the priesthood, using the Italian slang word "frociaggine" for homosexuals. After these words, which can be translated into Turkish as "i*nelik", the Pope apologized to homosexuals. "There are already a lot of f*ne in some seminaries," the Pope said that day.

Pope Francis, who has given important positions to women in the Vatican, also gave women the right to vote for the first time last year. On the other hand, he rejected the proposal for women to be assistant priests.

Editor: David Goodman