Deborah Burgess, 56, from Leicestershire, didn't realize she was a millionaire because she was in hospital after suffering from chronic anemia in August.

In October, prompted by an email, she checked her lottery tickets and realized she had won a life-changing sum.


Instead of throwing his winnings away immediately, he bought himself a second-hand car and sold his current car to his best friend Louise Smith for just one pound.

2-123"I bought a new car, it's not brand new but it's a nice car. I wasn't going to sell my car but my friend wanted to buy it from me. She wanted to pay the right price but because I won I sold it to her for just a pound. It's a great feeling to be able to do something like that."

Deborah Burgess bought a lotto ticket in August 2023 and won the draw on August 19, but because she was in hospital she didn't get a chance to check her emails.