Gullo stated that they want to adopt the wild goats, but animal rights organizations oppose this.

Alicudi Mayor Gullo announced on social media on April 5 that there were 600 wild goats living on the island with a population of 100 and that they wanted to adopt them.

Stating that there was an explosion in applications following the announcement, Mayor Gullo emphasized that the wild goats caused problems because they damaged the gardens of the houses, their environment and agricultural products.

Bizarre ban in China: No more social media posts showing wealth! Bizarre ban in China: No more social media posts showing wealth!

2-154Stating that they oppose the destruction of the goats, the mayor said that they guarantee that they will be well cared for where they go. Emphasizing that goats can be bought for just under 200 Euros in the market, Gullo stated that they will adopt them free of charge.

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On the other hand, the LNDC Animal Protection NGO, which works for animal welfare, argued that the goats were living freely on the island, but after the adoption, their species would be extinct. "These goats, who today live in freedom and peace, will find themselves facing a new life of captivity and exploitation. LNDC Animal Protection is considering all possible legal steps to stop this slaughter."