Actually, most people do it out of safety concerns and they are not wrong. 

Turning off the ignition while refueling the car is of great importance for both safety and technical reasons. Let's go into a little more detail.

The first reason for turning off the ignition is, as we said, safety. 

When the vehicle is running, the fuel system and electrical components are also active. Considering that we are next to the fuel pump and of course at a fuel station, there is a possibility of sparks in areas where fuel vapors are dense. Turning off the ignition reduces the risk of a possible spark and ensures fire safety. 

There is another reason other than safety. 

When refueling, the ignition must also be switched off for the vehicle's fuel gauge to work correctly. In most modern vehicles, the fuel level is read by sensors when the fuel pump is running. Refueling with the ignition on can cause incorrect information to be displayed on the fuel gauge.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the possibility that a car that has not been stopped while refueling may move.
The vehicle may accidentally move when the ignition is on. This can lead to accidents and injuries at the gas station.

Is the claim "Russian commanders refused to salute Putin" true? Is the claim "Russian commanders refused to salute Putin" true?

So don't forget to turn off the ignition before refueling your vehicle, make sure you get the right fuel and get your receipt after the transaction.