Cointelegraph Markets spoke with Kinto co-founders Victor Sanchez and Alan Keegan about the market potential of RWAs (real-world assets). The two crypto industry heavyweights discussed the factors behind the rapid growth of RWAs and the reasons behind the move by large institutions such as BlackRock.

Sanchez stated that RWAs could be the future of finance, and in such a situation, BlackRock cannot stay in the background. As it is known, BlackRock launched an RWA fund called BUIDL and created a budget of 100 million dollars.

Will RWAs shape the future?

The cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve and expand into different areas day by day. With Metaverse and Web3, RWAs and artificial intelligence have been on the agenda lately. Especially RWA has become the most popular category of the recent period.

Spot Bitcoin ETF issuer BlackRock entered the RWA space and launched a $100 million fund. BlackRock also tokenized its traditional assets through Hedera in a new initiative in the RWA space.

Victor Sanchez, co-founder of Kinto, suggested that real-world tokenization, the RWA space, will gain more ground in the future. Sanchez claimed that BlackRock is also involved for this reason.

Sanchez believes that RWAs will stand out due to the elimination of intermediaries, an efficient market, a transparent trading book and obvious advantages.

Scary scenario in Bitcoin (BTC)! Scary scenario in Bitcoin (BTC)!

Making a statement on the subject, Sanchez said that RWAs are a multitrillion-dollar opportunity and that is why large institutions are turning to RWAs with blockchain technology. Sanchez believes that the RWA train should not be missed.

Alan Keegan, the other co-founder of Kinto, said that blockchain offers great advantages in terms of global transfer of assets, processing and liquidity creation.