Powell became the owner of four palatial houses worth millions of dollars with Jobs' death1. Powell also owned the 80-meter yacht worth $ 138 million, which Jobs dreamed of and died before it was completed.

Jobs' legacy was not only material. After his death, Jobs also bequeathed enough products for the company to launch for years2. Thanks to Jobs' vision and innovation, Apple has created many successful products such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch. Jobs' legacy has made Apple the most valuable company in the technology industry.

Recently, however, Apple's performance has been declining. The company's stock price has fallen 10 percent in the last year. Apple's new products have also not attracted the expected interest. Experts think that Apple may be exhausting the legacy of its legendary founder Steve Jobs3. In order for Apple to return to its glory days, it needs to revive Jobs' spirit and compete with new generation technologies.