Princess Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has entered a rest period after her abdominal surgery on January 16 and will stay out of sight for a long time.  

Kate, who has been away from the public since December last year, shared a photo with her children on March 10, national mother's day.

The photo shared by the princess was removed from the agencies as manipulative and things started to get more serious after that.

While Kate made an apology statement about the photo, the royal family remained silent. Conspiracy theories about the incident started to increase on social media.  Some said Kate was dead, while others thought it was about the King. 


Although there is no evidence, it has been suggested that William and Kate are estranged and even in the process of divorce.

Allegations that Crown Prince William cheated on Princess Kate with his friend, former model Lady Rose Hanbury, came to the fore. Then it was claimed that Kate had an affair with Thomas Kingston, the 45-year-old husband of Lady Gabriella Windsor, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II's cousin, for revenge. 

Thomas Kingston was found dead in his home on February 25 with a gun next to his body. 


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While there is no detailed explanation about the surgery the princess underwent, it is discussed on social media that the princess may have a hereditary disease and may have passed it on to her children.

In this process, it is thought that Kate Middleton has entered a long rest period and wants to stay away from the public. On the other hand, allegations that the princess suffered from intestinal disease and a part of it was removed are also on the agenda. 


After the death of Queen Elizabeth, her 75-year-old son Charles III took the throne.  Shortly after his accession to the throne, the King, who had cancer, entered the treatment process. 

According to another theory, which is shown as one of the reasons for the long silence of the royal family, King Charles III of the United Kingdom will abdicate due to health problems. 


After all these theories, photos were shared on social media showing the flags at half-mast. This strengthened the claims that Kate or the King may have died. However, according to the British news channel Times Now, the images were identified as those of the death of the country's former queen Elizabeth II in 2022.