Alice Weidel, co-chair of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, said that if they come to power, they will demand a Brexit-style referendum on Germany's exit from the European Union (EU).

Emphasizing that Britain's decision to leave the EU was "extremely right" for Germany, Weidel said, "This is a model for Germany, such a sovereign decision can be taken."

In an interview with the British Financial Times newspaper, Weidel said that when they come to power, they will strive to limit the powers of the EU's unelected institutions, including the European Commission.

"But if a reform is not possible, if we fail to rebuild the sovereignty of the EU member states, we should let the people decide, just like the UK did," Weidel said, adding that a "Dexit" would strengthen the country's right to self-determination.

'Dexit', short for 'Deutchland' and 'Exit' in English, refers to Germany's departure from EU membership.

Plan to deport migrants

The revelation that the party, which is surging in opinion polls, had attended a meeting where plans for the mass deportation of migrants were discussed triggered mass protests across the country.

Describing as "scandalous" the news that the AfD would implement this plan if they came to power, Weidel said his party only wanted to use the law to repatriate people who had no right to stay in Germany, but had been misrepresented. "The AfD is a party that advocates the enforcement of the laws of this country," Weidel said.

The AfD reached its highest share of the vote in the polls since its founding in 2013. With between 20 percent and 23 percent at the federal level, the AfD is ahead of the three parties that make up Chancellor Olaf Scholz's embattled coalition.