Apple has given the date for iOS 17, the latest version of iPhone software. The phones that will receive iOS 17 software, which will come with new features, include iPhone XS, 2018, iPhone XS Max 2018 and iPhone XR as the oldest model.
Which phones will get iOS 17?
Model Year
iPhone XS 2018
iPhone XS Max 2018
iPhone XR 2018
iPhone 11 2019
iPhone 11 Pro 2019
iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019
iPhone 12 2020
iPhone 12 Mini 2020
iPhone 12 Pro 2020
iPhone 12 Pro Max 2020
iPhone 13 2021
iPhone 13 Mini 2021
iPhone 13 Pro 2021
iPhone 13 Pro Max 2021
iPhone 14 2022
iPhone 14 Pro 2022
iPhone 14 Pro Max 2022
iPhone SE (2nd generation) 2020
iPhone SE (3rd generation) 2022


Smart Home Lock Screen: iOS 17 will feature an updated Lock Screen interface. This will turn iPhone into a "smart home screen." When iPhone is not in use and placed in landscape orientation, it will display information including calendar appointments, weather data, notifications and more, allowing the home to serve as a data center.

NameDrop: Another innovative feature of iOS 17 will be NameDrop. With NameDrop, users will be able to pool their iPhones together to easily share contact information. To use NameDrop, simply hold your iPhone near the other person's iPhone or Apple Watch 3.

New widgets: iOS 17 will also allow users to add interactive widgets to their lock screens and home screens. These widgets will also support both first-party and third-party apps.

Updates to FaceTime: iOS 17 will also bring new features to FaceTime, including the ability to record and send audio/video messages, add 3D effects to your video, and initiate FaceTime calls directly from Apple TV.

Phone and Messages app update: iOS 17 will also add customizable Contact Posters to the Phone app. Users will be able to choose what they see when they call contacts, such as photos, Memoji or monograms. Other features such as live voicemail and unknown caller silencing will also be available in select regions.

Journaling App: Apple is developing a journaling app designed to allow users to record their activities, thoughts and daily lives through a diary. According to The Wall Street Journal, the app will analyze user behavior to determine how much time is spent at home and what a day is like.

The app will be able to integrate with text messages and phone calls, but all data and daily analysis will be done on the device. The logging app is expected to be part of iOS 17.

Apple Music Customizations: Apple Music is expected to have a simplified interface and Apple Music lyrics will be available to view directly on the Lock Screen.

Flashlight Settings: Instead of being limited to three brightness levels, flashlight brightness will be adjustable with a slider, similar to the volume button.