Russian Major General Yuri Afanasevskii was seriously injured in an explosion at his home in Luhansk. It was claimed that the condition of 64-year-old Yuri Afanasevskii and his son in hospital is critical.

It was stated that the phone in the hand of General Afanasevskii, who is known to be close to Russian President Putin, exploded while he was at home.

According to the British media, a cell phone given to Afanasevskii was planted with explosives by a Ukrainian group.

Afanasevskii was the customs chief of Ukraine's Luhansk region, which was annexed in 2014 and last year Putin claimed to have annexed to Russia.

Russian sources blame the Ukrainian secret service for the attack in the Russian-occupied Luhansk People's Republic.

A woman was detained in connection with the incident and is under investigation for attempted murder.

The Russian Investigative Committee stated that the attacker confessed to the incident.

The attack on Afanasevskii came a few days after another senior Russian officer was killed by a drone in Russia while mowing his lawn on his day off.

Alexei Chernykh, deputy head of the local branch of the anti-corruption police, also had his home in the Russian village of Shchetinovka blown up by a drone, according to reports.