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According to the US-based defense company Raytheon, Israel has 10 Iron Dome systems in its inventory to protect its cities. The United States has begun deploying warships and fighter jets to the region, ready to provide whatever support Israel needs.

A second squadron of American aircraft carriers will depart from Virginia on Friday. In addition, a large number of fighter jets are being deployed to US military bases in the Middle East.

In addition, American special forces are providing planning and intelligence support to the Israeli military.

According to experts, the build-up reflects US concerns that the conflict between Israel and Hamas could escalate into a more dangerous regional conflict.

The primary task of the ships and fighter jets is therefore to create a force presence that will prevent Hezbollah, Iran or other forces from taking advantage of the situation.

The US military forces deployed to the Middle East are capable of much more than that. The US is also accelerating the delivery of ammunition and interceptors for Israel's fight against Hamas.

Here are the weapons and military aid that the US military can provide to Israel:

Weapons and special forces

Washington is providing Israel with much-needed ammunition as well as personnel. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said a small unit of special forces was helping Israel with intelligence and planning.

A defense official said that, contrary to reports to the contrary, these forces were not tasked with rescuing hostages, but could do so if requested.

At the same time, Washington is enabling US defense companies to speed up arms orders that Israel had previously requested.

Chief among these is the acceleration of the supply of ammunition for Israel's so-called "Iron Dome" air defense system.

President Joe Biden said in a statement that the resupply of Iron Dome munitions and air defense systems is an urgent priority.

"We are increasing additional military assistance, including ammunition and interceptors to renew the Iron Dome. We will ensure that Israel does not run out of these critical elements to defend its cities and citizens."

According to the US-based defense company Raytheon, Israel has 10 Iron Dome systems in its inventory to protect its cities.

According to the Israeli military, Hamas has fired over 5,000 rockets into Israel since Saturday's attack. The system has managed to intercept most of them.

Raytheon manufactures most of the Iron Dome air defense system missile components in the United States, and the army has two Iron Dome systems in stock.

Warships and fighter jets

The United States announced that the Pentagon had diverted the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier and accompanying cruisers and attack ships to Israel.

The ship's crew of about five thousand people has been ordered to sail immediately to the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Gerald R. Ford and its crew had just completed a naval exercise with the Italian Navy.

Aircraft capable of taking off from the Gerald R. Ford provide early warning of missile launches and also conduct surveillance.

The US military also uses E2s as an airborne early warning and control platform.

The USS Gerald R. Ford carries F-18 fighter jets that can conduct intercept flights or strike targets.

The aircraft carrier also has important facilities for humanitarian aid work.

It has a hospital with an intensive care unit and an emergency room, and about 40 medics, surgeons and doctors.

It sails with helicopters that can be used to carry critical supplies in and the wounded out.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier strike group will leave Norfolk Harbor in Virginia on Friday and head for the Mediterranean.

This will potentially double the US Navy's support for Israel.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier of the American armyAP
The ship had previously operated in the Mediterranean as part of the US Navy's 6th Fleet in the fight against ISIS.

Air Force fighter jets

The Pentagon has also ordered additional fighter jets to support existing A-10, F-15 and F-16 squadrons at bases in the Middle East, with more ready to be added as needed.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told an Atlantic Council event that the number has been doubled by instructing units about to return home to remain in the region with their replacements.