However, there is a deeper tension underlying this appearance. The Israel lobby sees Trump as a "nationalist" who wants to limit the influence of global elites and international organizations. Trump's "America First" policy and strained relations with other countries contradict the lobby's desire to preserve the global political and economic order.

Why are they against Trump?

Anti-Globalism: Trump's anti-globalist rhetoric and criticism of trade agreements are at odds with the lobby's defense of the global free market and free trade.

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Iran Policy: Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and increased sanctions on Iran are in line with the lobby's view of Iran as a regional threat, but Trump's openness to a military confrontation with Iran worries the lobby.

The Palestinian Question: Trump's approach to the Palestinian issue differs from the lobby's traditional advocacy of a two-state solution. Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and his cuts in aid to Palestinian refugees have caused a lobby backlash.
As a result, the relationship between the Israel lobby in the US and Trump is fraught with tensions due to Trump's anti-globalist and nationalist policies. Despite Trump's support for Israel, the lobby sees him as a leader who is at odds with its global interests.