Volcanoes are one of the most impressive and dangerous natural phenomena in the world. The temperature inside a volcano can reach thousands of degrees Celsius, spewing molten rock, toxic gases and ash. So what happens to a person who falls into a volcano?

There is no definitive answer to this question, because there are different ways and consequences of falling into a volcano. But in general, a person who falls into a volcano has a very low chance of survival. The temperature of the magma inside the volcano crater can reach about 1,200 degrees Celsius. It is inevitable that the human body in contact with magma at this temperature will instantly burn and disintegrate.

The most likely way to fall into a volcano is to approach the edge of the volcano and lose your balance. In this case, you fall into the magma, the molten rock inside the volcano. Magma is a very dense and hot liquid. So, if you fall into the magma, you will immediately burn and melt. Also, the poisonous gases in the magma can suffocate you.

However, in some cases, you can avoid falling into magma. For example, you can cling to a ledge inside the volcano or you can manage to stay on the surface of the magma. In this case, you can survive, even if you suffer burns, injuries and poisoning. This is a very rare situation, but there have been examples.

For example, a porter who fell into a volcano in Tanzania in 2007 miraculously survived. By clinging to a ledge inside the volcano, the porter was able to climb up through the lava. The porter suffered severe burns and injuries, but survived1.

In another example, in 2019, a soldier in Hawaii jumped into Kilauea, an active volcano. The soldier overcame the railings on the side of the volcano and fell into the crater. The soldier managed to stand on a ledge 21 meters deep and was rescued two hours later. The soldier was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries2.

We have seen that falling into a volcano is very dangerous and very difficult to survive. So, be safe, do not go near volcanoes and obey the guardrails. Stay safe.

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