One of the most widespread theories is that Kubrick was murdered because his film had Islamic messages and deciphered the Illuminati. According to this theory, Kubrick depicted the rituals and symbols of the Illuminati, an elite group, in Eyes Wide Shut. The masquerade ball scene in the movie was likened to the secret meetings of the Illuminati. In addition, the mysterious experiences of the film's main character, Dr. Bill Harford, have been attributed to the Illuminati's mind control techniques. In many parts of the movie there are references to the Koran, the holy book of Islam. The Amanda Curran scene and the 19 miracles in the Quran are examples. The director officially brought this to the viewer's eyes.

Proponents of this theory point to the changes made by Warner Bros. after Kubrick's film was completed. Some scenes of the movie were cut and altered. This suggests that Kubrick wanted to distort the message of the movie.

It is impossible to say with certainty whether there was indeed a conspiracy behind Kubrick's death. However, the content of the movie and the mysterious nature of Kubrick's death have led many to believe this theory.

Eyes Wide Shut is one of Kubrick's most complex and open-ended films. The movie can be interpreted in many different ways and each viewer can derive different meanings from it. Therefore, it cannot be said with certainty whether the movie conveys Islamic messages or whether it deciphers the Illuminati.

However, it is a fact that Kubrick's movie contains many mysteries and symbols and encourages the viewer to think. This is one of the reasons why the movie is still interesting and popular years later.

Kubrick's death is a great loss for cinephiles. The films he left behind continue to make audiences think and question even years later. Eyes Wide Shut is one of these films. The mystery and subtext of the movie encourages the audience to think about and investigate the true meaning of the movie.

amanda: means loveable, kubrick, who we now know clearly that he never uses any detail in vain, draws attention by having the surname "curran", which evokes the word "quran", spelled in a way that draws our eyes.

kubrick used these four things in the "same context" where it seems more logical to look for consciousness/intent behind it, without calling it a coincidence:

the Koran worthy of love, the Koran with 19 "on it" (by the way, the morgue under Amanda's morgue is 01, the mathematical equivalent of tawheed) in c rm 114 (114 verses) and curran = savior.

crm 114, kubrick's trademark, might not have made sense i

As with Windsor (the surname of the royal family) and "where the rainbow ends", these repeated words always meant something, none of them were repeated for nothing. Kubrick hammered these messages into our heads.

Now we're going to go with Bill to the morgue where Mandy's body was found. And this is where we learn Amanda's real name for the first time in the movie, because we were not shown the details of that newspaper article, Bill read it himself. I explained to you that it was Mandy because I had already seen the movie. Now let's see how many times Mandy's real name is repeated.

Bill goes to the morgue and tells the lady in charge the name of the person he wants to see, Mandy.

In 20 seconds, "Amanda Curran" is repeated five times. Curran in particular was even broken down into syllables.
Does that make you think of what I just thought of?

Curran -> Koran?

Could it be?

When I saw the movie for the first time I said to my friend "ehehehe her name is Koran", but when I looked at the next scene my "ehehehe" became "ehehehehhöaaskkkk".

"There are nineteen on it" - Surat al-Muddatir, verse 30.

It has been said in recent years that the Qur'an was revealed in a mathematical order based on 19, and there are many foreigners who have become Muslims because of the secret of 19. I'm a bit agnostic about it, so it may or may not happen, we don't know. Anyway, fuck me now, let's get back to the movie. Let's look at the scene after the scene where Curran (Koran) is repeated over and over again, Bill enters the morgue...

The 19 on Curran is in the frame for about a minute.

Could Kubrick be trying to send a message about the Koran? Ahaha who knows... This last thing I showed you is a theory, but it is a theory that is very difficult to be a coincidence. Because the director in question is Kubrick, who is a lover of symbols and details, this movie cost him his life, and after making Curran repeat it over and over again, he puts the 19 on it, as the verse says.

Amanda Curran...

And do you know what "Amanda" means?

Amanda in Latin means "fit to be loved, lovely".


Could Lady Gaga saying "Find your own Jesus, find your own Kubrick" have something to do with all this? Could Kubrick have pulled himself out of them? I don't know, we only have what I've shown, but I don't think it's a coincidence.

Let me show you more clearly how much importance Kubrick attached to symbology, as his die-hard fans will already know.

Have you heard about CRM 114 in relation to Kubrick?

This CRM 114 is Kubrick's signature, his "trademark" as they call it. Kubrick first used this CRM 114 in Dr. Strangelove, naming a device CRM 114. Then he uses it in Clockwork Orange and names a drug given to a patient as "CERUM 114", in other words "CRM 114".

Finally, he uses this symbology in Eyes Wide Shut. How?

Let's look at the scene right after Curran and 19.

You can find the same information on IMDB. The room Curran is in is room 114 in corridor C of the hospital. That's C Room 114. That's CRM 114.
Did I tell you that Kubrick has a morbid attention to detail and symbolism?

For the curious, there are 114 surahs in the Koran and 114 is a multiple of nineteen. And this CRM 114 is compressed only in the scenes with "Curran and 19" in the two and a half hour movie.

These are strange things ehehe.

In short, let me summarize: Kubrick who said Allah was found, Darwinists are in panic.

Good news for Star Trek fans! Good news for Star Trek fans!

I presented you what I observed, anyone is free to make whatever meaning they want... I don't claim that Kubrick became a pilgrim and we prayed the morning prayer together the other day, but it is possible that he read the Koran and wanted to leave us a message.

Oh my God, my Mustafa Altıoklar's ass... The guy puts 2 beautiful love scenes, 3 trashy scenes with sophisticated dialogues, here's a movie. Look at Kubrick, the movie is full of mathematical codes, even the barcode of Bim Dost Yogurt isn't this complicated.

We come to the end of the movie, after Bill sees Amanda (Mandy) in the morgue, his friend Victor calls him. You know, the guy who fucked Amanda and knocked her out at the beginning of the movie ehehe.