With the public release of the fourth part of the case files, the whole world is talking about the developments in the case files. The fact that world-famous actors, singers and politicians were mentioned in the files created a sensation in a short time. As such, it was inevitable that tOne post circulating on social media implies that former US President Barack Obama and his family took a photo on Epstein Island. It is known that the blue and white striped structure marked on the left side of the alleged photo is located on Epstein's island. But is it really in the photo of the Obamas?


We started our search with the reverse image search method. After a short search, we found the original photo. Michelle Obama posted the photo on her Instagram account on August 4, 2020.

The description of the photo, which does not specify when it was taken, reads: Happy birthday to my favorite man. Greetings to all the good days, blue skies and new adventures to come. Tersine Arama

Michelle Obama's post also made the news at the time. According to the news, the photo was shared to celebrate Obama's 59th birthday.

When we did a reverse image search for the photo, since the people in the center were well-known people, we found news and posts directly related to them. Thus, we reached the original photo and saw that it was manipulated. So where did the Obamas take the photo? For this, we took screenshots from different parts of the photo and scanned the internet history. As a result, we came across different touristic photos.

When we looked at the Triadvisor result, we saw that the photos of Lanai Lookout, located on the southeast coast of Hawaii/Oahu, matched the Obamas' background. The zoomed-in view of the road on the left edge was also one of the angles that showed the match.

When we searched for the location on maps, we found a panoramic view that was very similar to the location where the Obama family was photographed.

The Obamas appear at Lanai Lookout. Accordingly, the distance between the location where they took the photo and the Liitle Saint James Island, known as Epstein Island, is as follows:

Donald Trump's request to the US Supreme Court! Donald Trump's request to the US Supreme Court!

Epstein's island, Little Saint James, is in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child sex trafficker, was imprisoned for his crimes and died there in 2019. However, the case continues. Various allegations about the case, which has been on the agenda again in recent weeks, continue to be put forward.

Former presidents such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and famous names such as Naomi Champbell and Kevin Spacey are also mentioned in the Epstein case. These names are mentioned in the documents, but contrary to the allegations, Obama is not even a name mentioned in the case.

In 2016, the former president's name was also mentioned in child abuse allegations in the so-called PizzaGate scandal. The existence of an organization, as alleged in the allegations gathered under this name, could not be proven as it was mentioned in the allegations of child trafficking in a pizza restaurant. In the same period, the photo allegation linking Obama and PizzaGate was also confirmed to be false.Haritalar Lookout

As a result, the image shared on social media claiming to be a photo of the Obama family on Epstein Island was manipulated. In fact, a building on Epstein Island was placed in the photo taken in Hawaii.

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The alleged image was created by manipulating the photo Michelle Obama shared in 2020.
The original photo was taken in Hawaii.