Helicopter in Iranian president's convoy crashes! Helicopter in Iranian president's convoy crashes!

In the posts made by X, Wagner soldiers appeared side by side with the elements of the Malian army that took control of the city of Kidal.

In the videos and photos taken by local residents, Wagner soldiers wearing camouflage with masks on their faces are seen around military vehicles belonging to the Malian army.

The presence of Wagner, who is believed to have been on the ground with the Malian army for about 2 years, was denied by the Malian government.

The northern city of Kidal, where the Malian army last set foot about 10 years ago, was considered a stronghold of Tuareg rebels.

After the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), which has been stationed in Mali since 2013, evacuated the camp in Kidal, clashes broke out between the Malian army and Tuareg rebels.

The army announced yesterday that it had officially taken control of Kidal.