Volkswagen (VW) is recalling 261,000 vehicles sold in the US to fix a potential fuel leak that could increase the risk of fire. 

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The German automotive giant is recalling more than 261,000 vehicles in the US due to problems with the intake jet pump seal inside the fuel tank, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced.

Stating that the problem could cause fuel to leak from a coal canister in the emission control system, dealers will replace the pump at no charge.

Which vehicles have been recalled?

It was stated that the recalled vehicles are front-wheel drive. These vehicles include some Audi A3 sedans and VW Golfs and GTIs produced between 2015 and 2020.

It was also reported that Golf Sportwagens from 2015-2019 and VW Jetta's GLIs from 2019-2020 are also included in this scope.

In 2016, VW recalled around 110,000 vehicles due to the same problem, but the company found that the replacement pumps used the previous time had also failed. This recall is the second for many owners.

NHTSA launched an investigation into the problem last year after receiving 79 fuel leak complaints from owners.

VW said in its documents that only 1,410 warranty claims were made for vehicles with repair dates between May 2016 and December last year.