NASA will develop a new watch for the Moon! NASA will develop a new watch for the Moon!

Users most often returned the headphones, saying they gave them headaches and triggered motion sickness. The weight of the device and the fact that most of it is front-loaded is another complaint.

Parker Ortolani, product manager at The Verge, said he thought using the device caused a blood vessel to burst in his eye. "While it was as magical to use as I hoped it would be, it was too uncomfortable to wear for even short periods of time due to both the weight and the strap designs. I wanted to use it, but I was afraid to wear it." 

But the hardware is not the only problem. Another common complaint is that the Vision Pro doesn't offer enough productivity for the price. One user told Threads that looking at Figma screens made them dizzy, but that the device wasn't suitable for their work.