Hamas: 'There will be no prisoner swap with Israel' Hamas: 'There will be no prisoner swap with Israel'

Speaking at a press conference at the White House, Kirby, referring to the developments in the Gaza Strip, said, "We do not set red lines for Israel. We continue to support their security needs and this will continue."

Stating that they have been in contact with Israel since the beginning of the conflict, Kirby said, "We have not hesitated to express our concerns about civilian casualties, civilian casualties and the approach they may choose to adopt. This is what friends can do."

Due to the intense Israeli airstrikes in the blockaded Gaza Strip, landline, cell phone and internet communication services in the region were completely cut off.

The Israeli army announced that it has increased airstrikes and will expand its ground operations.

Shifa Hospital, the largest health facility in Gaza with thousands of wounded and civilians, was also targeted by the Israeli army.