A solar system with 6 planets discovered A solar system with 6 planets discovered

In a statement released by the Pentagon, it was noted that US Defense Secretary Llyod Austin has placed approximately 2,000 personnel and some troops in a "high state of readiness" in preparation for a deployment order.

The statement emphasized that no decision has been made to deploy any troops at this time, and that Austin will continue to assess the situation on this issue and will remain in close contact with allies and partners.

The statement also said that Austin approved the extension of the USS Gerald R. Ford team's mission in the US Navy Europe-Africa/Sixth Fleet Area of Operations.

In a statement made by the US Department of Defense on October 8, it was stated that the US Department of Defense had instructed to send the aircraft carrier fleet to the Eastern Mediterranean to be ready to assist Israel in the attacks launched by Hamas.

In the statement, it was emphasized that the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier and the cruisers and attack ships to accompany it were directed towards the Eastern Mediterranean.

In addition, the Israeli army announced on October 11 that the first US aircraft carrying advanced munitions had arrived in Israel.