It was reported that the US sent Lieutenant General Glynn, who served in Fallujah as a military advisor, to Israel as a 'street warfare expert'.

The Pentagon announced that US commanders were sent to the region to advise the Israeli army.

The Pentagon announced that these commanders will not conduct operations. The commanders are there to share their experience in urban warfare.

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Answering a question from Anadolu Agency at his daily press conference, Pentagon Press Secretary General Patrick Ryder said of the American commanders in Israel, "They are not actively participating in operations in any way. They are there for consulting."

Asked, "Doesn't the fact that you are sending advisors to Israel after your arms aid to Israel increase your responsibility for civilian casualties in a possible Gaza operation?" Ryder replied, "Given our experience in densely populated urban environments like Iraq, we also believe in the importance of sharing lessons learned to do everything we can to reduce civilian casualties."

The American commanders serving in Israel are led by Lieutenant General James Glynn, who previously served in Fallujah during the Iraq war. What they all have in common is a history of fighting Daesh. Glynn's previous position was deputy commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, the US Special Forces' international counterterrorism unit.

Glynn is the only active duty officer officially announced as an advisor to the Israeli military. The Pentagon declined to be specific about how many of the other officers on his team are retired and how many are active duty.