The SEC's official X account with the username "@SECGov" hosted an important post last night. The post in question stated that the ETF approval for BTC, which had been expected for years, was finally given. This was very important because it was only a matter of time before billions of dollars would enter the cryptocurrency markets. However, minutes after the post, an interesting development took place.

Today, the SEC approved the listing of Bitcoin ETFs on all registered national securities exchanges.

Approved Bitcoin ETFs will be subject to ongoing surveillance and compliance measures to ensure the continued protection of investors.

"Today's approval increases market transparency and provides investors with efficient access to digital asset investments within a regulated framework. Chairman, Gary Gensler"

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler made a new post minutes after the SEC's post and said that the news was not true. According to the statement made by Gensler, the SEC's account was hacked.

Gensler is a dangerous name for the cryptocurrency market. Because in the past, very striking allegations about him came to the fore. For those who remember, Gary Gensler opened millions of dollars of BTC short transactions just before he sued Binance last year. In other words, the authorized name opened a transaction that BTC would fall and then started the lawsuit process.

"Safety", one of the accounts linked to X, posted on the subject, explaining that the SEC intervened in his account without authorization. However, this explanation was not very satisfactory. According to the statement, unauthorized access was made through the phone number where the SEC account was registered. Moreover, the two-factor authentication feature of the @SECGov address was not active.

The hacking of the SEC's account and the subsequent events had a harsh impact on BTC prices. BTC, which was trading at $ 47,000 before the announcement, showed a sharp movement between $ 48,000 and $ 44,750 with the decision. As the situation calmed down, the BTC price came to 46 thousand dollars.