Groom kills 4 people including bride at wedding in Thailand Groom kills 4 people including bride at wedding in Thailand

Griffiths releases written statement on developments in the Israel - Hamas war

Martin Griffiths reported that while families in Israel are still recovering from the October 7 attack, families in Gaza are being bombed, with no electricity, water, food or fuel.

Griffiths said that civilians in the Palestinian territories and Israel have had a week of suffering, adding, "I am afraid we have not seen the worst of it yet."

Stating that hospitals in Gaza are running low on medicines and morgues are overflowing, Graffiths said, "Entire neighborhoods have been razed to the ground."

"The critical situation in Gaza is rapidly becoming unlivable," Griffiths said, warning of the risk of the conflict spreading.

Underlining the need to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, Griffiths said: "Last week was a test for humanity and humanity is failing."

Civilians targeted while trying to flee in US media
On the other hand, CNN announced that it has located videos showing the targeting of civilians trying to leave the Gaza Strip.

The videos, which show the bombing of the evacuation route used by civilians to leave Gaza, show many casualties and massive destruction.