Parliament deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko said on his social media account that the law was adopted with 279 votes, so that some categories of prisoners will be recruited into the Ukrainian armed forces.

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Pointing out that he is one of the authors of the law in question, Goncharenko said, "I have long registered the relevant draft law, which argues that prisoners convicted of minor crimes should have the right to defend their homeland. We must give prisoners the opportunity to fight if they want to."

Goncharenko said that those convicted of intentional murder, rape, sexual violence and crimes against national security would not be included in the mobilization.

David Arahamiya, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the ruling "Servant of the People" Party, said in a statement that 15-20 thousand prisoners could be included in the mobilization, "We do not know how many of them will sign the contract, because this will happen by agreement of the parties. We estimate that it will be a few thousand people."

Arahamiya said that the prisoners will be mobilized after the court decision.