According to the news in the British media, 5 SAS soldiers, who have been supporting the SDF, the Syrian branch of the PKK against DAESH for a long time, were detained for allegedly committing "war crimes".

Making a statement on the subject, Ministry of Defense officials confirmed the news of the detention and stated that they cannot comment on the investigation, but that they take every allegation seriously.

Among the allegations that led to the detention of SAS personnel was the killing of a Daesh suspect in an operation two years ago. However, SAS personnel argue that the incident cannot be considered a war crime, claiming that the suspect posed a legitimate threat.

In a statement by Amnesty International, it was emphasized that war crime allegations should be investigated seriously.

In the country where British soldiers are rarely tried and convicted for "war crimes", the eyes were turned back to the SAS within the scope of the investigation into the recent killing of 80 people in Afghanistan.

As in the Afghanistan investigation, the identity of the personnel is not expected to be disclosed in the investigation into war crimes in Syria.

The unit, which carries out risky missions in complete secrecy, carries out these missions in regions where the UK does not have an official military presence.