Airline strike in Germany crisis resolved Airline strike in Germany crisis resolved

The UK competition watchdog has approved Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, maker of the "Call of Duty" computer game, after the restructured deal significantly addressed earlier concerns.

Activision Blizzard had agreed to sell its online streaming rights to Ubisoft Entertainment in August, and Microsoft alleviated some concerns last month by proposing remedies to ensure the terms of the sale were enforceable by the regulator.

"The new agreement will prevent Microsoft from eliminating competition in the cloud gaming space and maintain competitive prices and services for cloud gaming customers in the UK," the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said in a statement.

Microsoft announced the biggest video game deal in history in early 2022, but the $69 billion acquisition was blocked in April by the British competition authority, which was concerned that the US tech giant would gain too much control over the nascent cloud gaming market.

Microsoft said it was "grateful for the CMA's thorough review and decision".

"We have now cleared the final regulatory hurdle to complete this acquisition, which we believe will benefit gamers and the gaming industry worldwide," said Brad Smith, executive vice president and president.