Keefe D, accused killer of Tupac Shakur, is reportedly 'frustrated' after family and friends failed to come up with $80,000 for his $750,000 bail

Duane "Keefe D" Davis is thought to have felt "abandoned" by his "loyal soldiers" during efforts to raise bail to pay his six-figure bail.

The Tupac Shakur murder suspect needs to raise $80,000 toward his $750,000 bail, which could allow him to be released on house arrest. He was reportedly waiting to be "out and about and at home" hours after being released on bail in February as part of the Tupac murder investigation.

Keefe has reportedly been "making phone calls" but family and friends have been unable to secure the money to get him out of the Clark County Detention Center. A former coworker claims that Keefe thought the "men he helped get him up" would "show him love".

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An insider told The U.S. Sun that Keefe used to regularly give "wads of cash and cars to soldiers and loyal Crips members" and "grew up with the image of the boss who rewarded his troops." Now he feels that this generosity is "not reciprocated".

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"Keefe feels let down by some of his buddies who he once showed great affection for," the source told the news outlet. "He's given them hundreds of thousands in charity and salaries, but nothing is coming back. It makes him very angry, man."

Keefe's lawyer Carl Arnold explained: "These guys, his family or whatever, are having a hard time raising money and that's the problem right now. They can't raise enough money and he can't get out right now." He told The U.S. Sun: "Every time I see him, he thinks he should have been rescued yesterday, but his family couldn't raise the money. This is where we are."

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The news follows Keefe's drama over raids on rapper P Diddy's homes in Miami and Los Angeles. Keefe insisted he had nothing to do with the police raids, which were part of a federal sex trafficking investigation. In March, police officers were seen with their guns drawn as they confronted the occupants of the homes. The rapper has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and has called the ongoing case a "witch hunt".

Now, amid speculation that Keefe D may have been behind the raids, a family associate of Keefe D told The U.S. Sun that it would "look bad" if he had ratted out Puffy.